[LIBERAL POLITICS]. SIMON, John and ARMSTRONG, George G. T.L.S. by John Simon and A.L.S. by George G. Armstrong.  August 7th 1914 and August 5th 1914.  
(i) TLS by John Simon to Mr.Armstrong dated Aug 7th. 4to. One page of white headed notepaper with seven lines of text, signed in black ink. Two folds and small tear to bottom corner. (ii) ALS by George G. Armstrong to Sir John Simon, dated 5th August 1914. 8vo. Two leaves of notepaper, with two folds, ruled in red wih twenty-one lines of text in pencil, on one side of each sheet only, and signed in pencil. The two letters attached with a rusty paperclip which has marked both. Envelope attached. Sir John Simon (1973-1954), a Liberal politician, entered Parliament as a Liberal member in 1906. He became Solicitor-General in 1910 and Attorney-General in 1913. He contemplated resigning in protest at the declaration of war in 1914 but in the end he did not do so. WW I began on the 28th July 1914 and these letters reflect the deep convictions and views of the writers at that time. Simon writes ".....at a time of crisis like this it is difficult to choose the right course, and it by no means follows that the right course is a course which will prevent one's choice being misunderstood. You will understand that I am writing privately and confidentially". Simon became Home Secretary in Asquith's coalition government in May 1915 but resigned early the next year in protest against the introduction of conscription.
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